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Why EV Charging is Important

Electric Vehicles (EVs) are paving the way towards a greener and more sustainable future and now is the perfect opportunity for community hubs like village halls to embrace the innovation. Village halls, with their central role in local communities, are ideally positioned to benefit significantly from installing EV charging stations.

By adopting EV charging stations, village halls not only take a giant leap towards environmental sustainability but also enhance their financial prospects and bolster their standing within the community.

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What do we need to know?

Our Simple 4-Step Process for Getting You Set Up

  1. Register Your Interest: Start by getting in touch to express your interest. You can do this through a link, form, or even a phone call.

  2. Site Assessment and Electrical Information: Share some details about your site and its electrical setup, like whether you’re on a single-phase or 3-phase supply, and the maximum power available. A picture of your distribution area helps us understand what we’re working with.

  3. Customised Feedback and Quotation: We’ll analyse your information and provide personalised advice and a quote for the installation. You’ll also get an estimate of the potential revenue from the charging stations.

  4. Booking and Installation: Once you’re ready to proceed, we’ll schedule the installation at a convenient time, aiming for minimal disruption.

Increased revenue

Transform your car park into a new revenue stream - make money for your hall by collecting fees from charging.

Attracting Customers

Increase general footfall to your Village Halls by attracting EV drivers

Promotion of sustainable travel

Installing EV chargers aligns with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards, demonstrating your commitment to environmental sustainability.
Village Hall EV Charging

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Alpitronics 150kw hyper charger

DC Fast charger with dual charging capability.  CCS2 and CHAdeMO connections. Ability to charge two vehicles at 75kW
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