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For rapid charging

DC Fast chargers

We have a range of DC fast chargers to fit your solution perfectly; DC chargers feed DC power directly into your vehicle, without the need to convert from AC to DC.  Power output of DC untis can be considerable; here is an example of one of our leading units that can be delivered in 150kW, 200kW and 300kW versions

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ZOLBEV dc charger

Alpitronics 150kw Hyper Charger

DC Fast charger with dual charging capability.  CCS2 and CHAdeMO connections. Ability to charge one vehicle at 150kW or two vehicles at 75kW

ZOLBEV dc charger

Alpitronics 300kw Hyper Charger

DC Fast charger with dual charging capability.  CCS2, CHAdeMO CCS1 (for vehicle multicharger), GB/T (for vehicle multicharger) connections. Ability to charge one vehicle at 300kW or two vehicles at 150kW

Perfect for hubs

Use cases for DC Fast charging?

As DC fast chargers can charge a car in approximately 30 mins; we often deploy DC fast chargers in car parks and areas which could be described as a ‘hub’.  I.e. anywhere that is easily or comfortably connected to the main road network, where you would expect short dwell time, top up charging behaviours.  

However these ‘hubs’ might also be located in a car park that serves longer dwell time charging customers, such destinations might be stadia, hotels, shopping areas, transport links.  It is quite normal to deploy a hybrid approach when it comes to charging solutions, rather than solely AC or DC installations.  

For reliable charging

AC Type 2 Standard chargers

Our 22kW EV chargers are commercial units that we supply in either single or dual socket variations.  AC chargers, charge at a slower rate than DC fast chargers, as a car battery works on DC, there needs to be a conversation from AC to DC.  However if the use case permits and as AC chargers have a lower cost, this might be the right choice for your deployment.  

ZOLBEV ac charger

Alfen Eve Double

AC 22kW Type 2 charger capable of charging a vehicle up to 22kW or two vehicles up to 11kW per vehicle, using dual sockets. 

Cost effective ev charging

Use cases for AC charging?

AC chargers typically have a lower cost point than DC chargers due to the fact that they are simpler units and work with lower power outputs.  As AC chargers mean a longer charge time (at least 2 hours plus), the dwell time will be longer at a location.  This might not be an inconvenience if the location is a destination type venue such as hotels, conference centres, shopping centres, transport link car parks.


Connecting your chargers to insights

Software is a key part of the overall solution that we supply; this is the clever part and ensures that the chargers are managed effectively and that your drivers are loyal and can easily access the charging event.

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Putting you in control

Cloud based business management software

Our cutting-edge cloud-based EV charging platform opens the doors to efficient operations, energy management, and revenue systems.  Our management software is at the heart of your charger management, monitoring, and operational needs. We provide all the crucial data essential for running and optimizing your chargers with efficiency. This includes insights into peak usage times, revenue generation, capacity utilization, and more.

We provide effortless reporting by generating detailed reports effortlessly, including breakdowns that comply with OZEV regulations. Say goodbye to administrative hassles.

Equally, our software simplifies the oversight of all your chargers within a single, comprehensive system; we streamline all charger management, reporting & analytics with an easy to use management interface and reporting tools.  


Back office charge point management system

Expertly designed to keep you in control

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Driver mobile app

Connecting people to your chargers

We provide a driver application that the drivers can access easily to control their charging event at the charger.  The application is available in iOS and Android and is a hugely powerful tool to ensure high occupancy and repeat visits.  The mobile application is the easiest way to access all charging stations and comes with 24/7 EV-driver support! 

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Other services

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Unsure if you’re ready for EV Charging? Take advantage of our free-of-charge, non-committal site surveys.

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