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What is on-route charging?

On-route charging 101

Frequently labelled as DC charging hubs, or on-route charging, these are fast chargers strategically positioned in convenient areas near transport links.  Fast charging stations provide quicker recharging times can present an optimal chance for a swift top up charge. Within a span of 10 minutes or less, on-the-go charging has the potential to provide a replenishment of 100 miles.

During extended trips, the remaining battery range might fall short of reaching your intended endpoint. In such situations, you can utilize ZOLB EV’s  high-power rapid chargers (ranging from 50 kW to 350 kW) available at charging facilities, service stations, and various spots throughout the UK. While fast chargers may require a higher investment than AC charging, these chargers deliver a substantial amount of electricity in a brief timeframe. They always come equipped with a cable, eliminating the need for your own, and our DC ultra-rapid chargers frequently accommodate all three connector types to ensure compatibility with all electric vehicles.

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The benefits

How on-route charging works for you

These benefits collectively enhance the appeal and practicality of electric vehicles for both short and long-distance travel, making on-route charging a crucial component of the EV ecosystem.

Increased revenue

For businesses, offering on-route charging services can generate additional revenue streams. Charging fees collected from EV drivers can contribute to the bottom line, especially if the charging infrastructure is strategically located along popular travel routes.

Attracting Customers

Retailers, restaurants, and other establishments with on-route charging stations can attract more customers who value the convenience of charging their vehicles while they shop or dine. This foot traffic can lead to increased sales and business growth.

Branding and marketing

Businesses that offer on-route charging can use it as a unique selling point to differentiate themselves from competitors. This can lead to increased brand recognition, customer loyalty, and potentially higher pricing power

Extended range and flexibility

On-route charging enables EV drivers to travel longer distances without worrying about running out of battery power. This extended range offers greater flexibility in route planning, allowing drivers to explore new destinations and make spontaneous detours.

Promotion of sustainable travel

On-route charging contributes to the adoption of clean energy transportation, promoting environmentally friendly travel habits and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It encourages more people to choose electric vehicles, furthering the transition to sustainable mobility.
on-route charging hardware

What we install

DC Fast charger with dual charging capability.  CCS2 and CHAdeMO connections. Ability to charge two vehicles at 75kW when 150 kW DC charging units are deployed.  

ZOLBEV dc charger

Alpitronics 150kw hyper charger

DC Fast charger with dual charging capability.  CCS2 and CHAdeMO connections. Ability to charge two vehicles at 75kW
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