EV Fleet Charging

Fleet management has been undergoing a transformative shift where corporations are embracing the use of electric vehicles as part of the growing trend in prioritising sustainability objectives and ESG reporting.

The Perfect EV Charging Solution for Corporate Fleets

‘Plugging In’ to Electric?

This popular change-over from petrol and diesel to electric fleet vehicles comes from the pillar to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars in 2030 and 2040 for HGVs as part of the Government’s net-zero strategy to become neutral in producing greenhouse gasses by 2050.

This energy transition introduces some challenges for fleets, stemming from the imperative to strike a balance between cost-effective and reliable operations and the increasing demand for sustainable, low-emission vehicles from customers, shareholders, and employees.

 To achieve these net-zero goals, minimise vehicle running costs, and maintain a compliant and purpose-built fleet, partnering with a provider delivering practical and flexible solutions becomes paramount.

EV Fleet Charging Solutions

EV Charging Infrastructure

Budgets have been historically tight when it comes to corporate fleets, and cost savings have always been a priority – and in the face of recent global events, the need to tighten margins around maintenance costs and gain efficiencies has never been greater.

In order to facilitate the EV fleet charging, the corporate infrastructure needs to be carefully considered. This evolution to electric mobility significantly impacts the day-to-day challenges faced by fleet operators.

Despite the abundant long-term benefits associated with cleaner energy sources and sustainable practices, the journey from current energy states and traditional fleet models to a more sustainable future might appear as a formidable and lengthy undertaking.

EV Van charging fleet

Why Invest in Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions for Your Fleet?

Improving infrastructure and installing reliable and fast chargers reduces the range anxiety that could be felt by fleet drivers using electrical vehicles, helping to future-proof your fleet charging.

At Zolb EV we understand that the pace is accelerating when it comes to EV fleet charging solutions. This is why we offer tailored solutions to fleet owners, allowing you to keep your operations running smoothly.

Reduced Costs With Fleet Charging

Electric fleet vehicles don’t require many of the things that require an ongoing cycle of maintenance, such as oil, transmission fluid and spark plugs, and contribute to an overall lower total cost of ownership and maintain a strong fuel-to-cost advantage.

Reduced Dependence on Fuel

Electric fleet vehicles are more likely to realise cost savings by switching to electric, eliminating the need for traditional fuels. This ensures essential services and operations are not adversely affected by any rapid rises in fuel prices or issues with fuel supply.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Electric fleet vehicles can help reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions and support more sustainable practices aimed at slowing climate change. Installing EV charging solutions can help your organisation’s drive towards net zero.

Faster Recharge Times

For most vehicles it only takes about 30 minutes to reach their entire range, with it taking a little longer for larger vehicles like HGVs, trucks or buses, despite this it is still much faster than traditional gasoline engines.

Custom Reccomendations

We can offer expert insight and recommendations as to what chargers and charger and driver management software/apps, so you can be assured that you are getting the best systems for your infrastructure.

Installation Coverage

Our coverage includes all the costs associated with setting up the charging infrastructure. This means you can focus on the benefits of electric charging without worrying about the intricate details of installation expenses.

Our Fleet Charging Solutions

We identify and deploy customised charging infrastructure that seamlessly integrates into your existing fleet management system, ensuring minimal disruption and maximum efficiency. With our services, we take care of everything.

Take advantage of our complimentary site survey service, provided by our expert team.

This thorough assessment is conducted with meticulous attention to detail, aiming to identify the optimal placement and configuration for EV charging infrastructure across the UK.

We delve into considerations such as electrical capacity, accessibility, and user convenience to guarantee a seamless charging experience. This free-of-charge offering reflects our commitment to ensuring that your EV charging solution is tailored precisely to your needs and delivers the utmost efficiency and convenience.

Discover a world of tailored financing solutions with ZOLB EV.

Our bespoke funding options cater to your unique preferences, offering a spectrum that includes fully funded initiatives where we cover all costs, self-funded models empowering you to control profits, and collaborative approaches for partially funded projects.

At ZOLB EV our dedicated team works closely with you to craft an affordable and customised funding solution that aligns seamlessly with your business goals and financial objectives.

We understand that investing in EV charging infrastructure involves various components, and we’ve got you covered.

Our inclusive hardware costs encompass all expenses related to the acquisition of EV charging hardware. This means a seamless and hassle-free setup for our clients, ensuring that they can embark on their electric journey without the burden of additional hardware expenses.

Access to advanced management and monitoring tools should be a given, and with us, it is.

We include software fees as part of our package, providing you with cutting-edge software solutions without additional costs. This ensures that you have the necessary tools to efficiently manage and monitor your EV charging infrastructure, making the entire process streamlined and cost-effective.

Cloud Management Software

Experience the future of EV charging with our integrated Cloud Management Software.

This advanced technology brings a new level of convenience to your fingertips. By enabling remote monitoring, management, and optimisation of your EV charging infrastructure, our Cloud Management Software empowers you with real-time insights and control over your charging stations.

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