EV Charging Grants


Grants are available for EV Charging

The Office for Zero Emission Vehicles (OZEV), is a government movement facilitating the transition towards zero emission vehicles (ZEVs). Their primary objectives encompass the provision of robust support for the adoption of plug-in vehicles, coupled with strategic funding allocated to bolster the chargepoint infrastructure spanning the expanse of the UK. The cumulative effect of these endeavors is poised to not only stimulate economic growth but also to profoundly mitigate the presence of greenhouse gas emissions and vehicular air pollutants.

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For workplaces

Workplace charging scheme

There is an opportunity for you to potentially recoup up to 75% of the expenses associated with establishing an electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, reaching a maximum threshold of up to £14,000.

Presenting the Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS), a program structured around vouchers, which endeavors to extend financial assistance to qualifying applicants in their pursuit of acquiring and installing electric vehicle chargepoints. This initiative extends its coverage across England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland, although it is noteworthy that it excludes the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man from its scope.

The WCS is thoughtfully tailored to accommodate businesses, charitable entities, and public sector organizations that satisfy the stipulated criteria for both applicants and their designated sites.

Under the auspices of this grant, a generous contribution of up to 75% of the complete outlay linked to the procurement and installation of EV chargepoints, VAT inclusive, is provided. This assistance is, however, subject to an upper limit:

For employees

EV Grants for Employees and Fleet

As a business, you can potentially secure a reimbursement of up to 75% of the total expenses linked to establishing an electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure, with a ceiling of £15,000. 


The EV Infrastructure Grant, catering to both staff and fleets, targets small-to-medium-sized businesses across the United Kingdom.


This grant is open to applications from small-to-medium-sized businesses with no more than 249 employees.


The financial coverage encompasses as much as 75% of the expenses involved in setting up the essential infrastructure to support the operation of chargepoints, as well as the provision for potential future chargepoint installations. Additionally, it also encompasses the cost associated with the actual installation of chargepoints. A cap of £15,000 is imposed on each grant awarded.


Eligible recipients can avail of:

  • £350 for every installed chargepoint socket
  • £500 for each parking space that is equipped with the requisite supporting infrastructure
  • It’s crucial to note that each claimed parking space must be linked to an individual and distinct chargepoint socket. This socket must be correlated with either an already installed chargepoint or one that is slated for installation at a future connection site.

Furthermore, the infrastructure that is put in place must be capable of accommodating a minimum of 5 parking spaces, and at least one operative chargepoint should be included within this arrangement.

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For Landlords

Landlord EV Grants

If you own a property, there are two grants that you could consider:

EV Chargepoint Grant


EV Infrastructure Grant.

Read on to find out which might work best for you.

For Landlords

EV Chargepoint Grant

The EV Chargepoint Grant is designed to provide a financial incentive towards the installation of an electric vehicle (EV) chargepoint socket.

Receive either £350 or a 75% reduction in the expenses associated with purchasing and installing a socket, depending on which amount is lower.

Annually, you have the opportunity to benefit from:

(These allocations can be distributed across multiple properties and installations or concentrated on a single property as per your preference). 

For Landlords

EV Infrastructure Grant

The EV Infrastructure Grant offers financial assistance for broader construction and installation efforts required to implement multiple chargepoint sockets.

This encompasses work that is both presently intended and for future socket installations. For instance, the EV Infrastructure Grant can encompass expenses related to wiring and posts.

The potential benefit extends up to £30,000 or a 75% reduction in the costs attributed to the undertaken work. The exact amount is contingent upon the scope of parking spaces that the work encompasses.

Within each fiscal year, you are eligible to avail up to 30 infrastructure grants.

It’s essential to note that each infrastructure grant must be designated for distinct properties, ensuring individual utilization for each grant.

Note:  you can use an infrastructure grant and a chargepoint grant on the same property.