Destination Charging

Empowering Journeys: Help to Unleash Adventures with Seamless Destination Charging

Destination EV Charging 101

Destination charging refers to the provision of EV charging stations at various destinations such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, shopping centres, tourist attractions, and other public places. 

These charging stations, including charge points and destination chargers, are strategically located to provide EV owners with the convenience of recharging their vehicles while they are at their destination, thus enabling them to continue their journey with a sufficient battery charge. Destination chargers benefit electric car drivers by saving time during long road trips and providing essential charging options for EVs with limited range. Destination charging aims to promote EV adoption by alleviating range anxiety and making it more convenient for EV owners to travel longer distances.

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How Being A Destination Charging Locations Hub Could Work For You

With our Charging-as-a-Service solution, you can effortlessly unlock the benefits of EV charging while we handle the technicalities.

Destination Charging Fees

Hotels, resorts, and tourist attractions can charge EV drivers for using on-route charging stations while visiting their establishments, generating revenue while enhancing their amenities for guests

Attracting and retaining Customers

Providing charging infrastructure is fast becoming the standard for customers who expect infrastructure in place. Booking websites now have this as an important feature customers can choose when looking for somewhere to stay

Extended stay

Charging at destinations encourages longer stays, benefiting businesses like hotels, restaurants, and attractions as EV owners are more likely to spend time and money while their vehicles charge.


By offering destination charging, businesses contribute to a more sustainable future by promoting the use of electric vehicles and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Low investment

Lower specification charging units mean lower CAPEX investment required for hardware, installation and energy upgrades
Destination charging hardware

What we install

Our 22kW AC chargers are commercial, high volume units that we supply in either single or dual socket variations. These destination chargers provide a slower but convenient option for charging electric vehicles while at a particular destination. AC units charge at a slower rate than DC fast chargers; this is because a car battery works on DC, there needs to be a conversation from AC to DC. Hence these chargers are typically found in destination locations where dwell time will be longer. However if the use case permits and as AC chargers have a lower cost, this might be the right choice for your deployment.

Alfen Eve Double

AC 22kW Type 2 charger capable of charging a vehicle up to 22kW or two vehicles up to 11kW per vehicle, with the dual sockets.
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