DC Fast Charge

At ZOLB EV, we understand the importance of time and efficiency in electric vehicle charging. That’s why we offer advanced DC Fast Chargers designed to power up your electric vehicle rapidly and efficiently, especially compared to AC chargers, making them ideal for those in need of quick energy replenishment.

The DC Fast Charge Solution

In contrast, AC charging through Level 2 equipment requires onboard AC-to-DC conversion, offering higher-rate charging through 240V or 208V electrical service, common for home, workplace, and public charging.

Whether you’re an enterprise seeking to install charging infrastructure or an individual needing quick charging options, ZOLB EV provides the ultimate solution with the fastest DC Fast Charger to suit your needs.

DC Fast Charging Solutions

High-Power Solutions

Our DC Fast Chargers stand out by injecting direct current (DC) directly into your vehicle’s battery system, bypassing the need for onboard AC-to-DC conversion.

This difference highlights the efficiency of DC power in providing a more direct and efficient charging process, compared to AC power which requires conversion within the vehicle for slower charging.

This streamlines the charging process, enabling much higher power levels and significantly reducing the charging time compared to standard AC chargers.

ZOLB EV’s DC Fast Chargers are tailored to meet a wide range of power requirements, ensuring that every customer finds the perfect match for their specific needs.

DC Rapid Charge Station

Advanced DC Fast Charging Technology

Experience the future of electric vehicle charging with our advanced DC fast charging technology. Our state-of-the-art chargers deliver high-voltage direct current power directly to your EV’s battery, bypassing the onboard converter for unparalleled speed and efficiency. 

150kW DC Fast Charger

Ideal for urban areas and retail environments, where vehicles require quick top-ups to continue their journey.

200kW DC Fast Charger

Perfect for supporting fleet operations and commercial usage, ensuring that vehicles are charged and ready in record time.

300kW DC Fast Charger

Our most powerful option is designed for busy, high-traffic areas. This charger delivers ultra-rapid charging capabilities, suitable for the latest and most advanced electric vehicles.

Why Choose ZOLB EV DC Fast Charging Stations?

 Our commitment to innovation and reliability sets us apart. ZOLB EV stations are equipped with the latest technology to ensure maximum efficiency and safety, providing a seamless charging experience for all electric vehicle owners. 

Our chargers reduce your vehicle’s downtime dramatically, getting you back on the road in as little as 30 minutes. ZOLB EV’s chargers offer superior charging speed due to their high power output, ensuring your EV is charged quickly and efficiently.

With a range of power options, our DC Fast Chargers can accommodate any electric vehicle, ensuring easy compatibility and convenience. ZOLB EV offers a wide range of DC fast charging solutions, suitable for various locations and vehicle needs, highlighting our versatile charging station, dc charging, and dc fast charging station capabilities.

Built to last, our chargers operate reliably under any conditions, providing consistent, dependable charging.

We stay ahead of the curve, constantly advancing our technology to meet the highest industry standards and optimise performance. ZOLB EV’s DC Fast Charging stations are equipped with advanced features and capabilities, setting a new standard for EV charging stations.

ZOLB EV specialises in customising installations to fit your unique charging needs. Our experts handle everything from site assessment to system implementation, ensuring that your infrastructure is perfectly aligned with your requirements.

It’s crucial to consider the impact of charging solutions on battery life. Our DC Fast Chargers are designed to match your EV’s specific charging curve and capacity, ensuring optimal battery health and longevity. The widely adopted Combined Charging System (CCS) enhances compatibility across various regions and vehicle types, facilitating a smoother and more efficient charging experience. ZOLB EV’s technology considers the health of the EV battery and the efficiency of the EV chargers, promoting longer battery life and more efficient charging processes.

Hybrid DC Fast Charging Solutions for Maximum Flexibility

Don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your charging capabilities with ZOLB EV’s cutting-edge DC Fast Chargers.

Contact us today to discover how we can help you select the ideal charging solution for your needs and push your journey towards a sustainable future forward with faster and more effective charging solutions.

As DC fast chargers can charge a car in approximately 30 mins; we strategically place DC fast chargers in key locations such as car parks and hubs connected to the main road network, ideal for short dwell time, and top-up charging behaviours.

However, these ‘hubs’ might also be located in areas that cater to longer dwell times, such as stadiums, hotels, shopping centres, and transport hubs. It is quite normal to deploy a hybrid approach when it comes to charging solutions, rather than solely AC or DC installations.

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