Commercial EV Charging

Integrating electric vehicle chargers into commercial property developments from the outset is not just a forward-thinking choice; it’s a strategic and cost-saving must in sustainable infrastructure.

EV Charging Solutions Designed To Attract Customers

Commercial EV Charging Stations

As the world shifts towards a greener future, the demand for electric vehicles is surging.

By incorporating EV chargers at an early stage, commercial property developers position themselves at the forefront of this transformation. This can also help to attract environmentally-conscious customers, tenants and businesses with quality electric car charging points for zero-emission vehicles.

electric car charging point

EV Charging Points

The adoption of EV charging points and infrastructure aligns with a broader societal shift towards sustainability, enhancing the marketability and long-term value of commercial properties, not to mention the increasing number of electric cars available.

Utilising EV charge points also caters to the growing segment of employees who drive electric vehicles, contributing to a positive work environment and potentially boosting employee satisfaction.

Incorporating EV chargers at an early stage – or any stage – isn’t just about meeting current demand; it’s an investment in the sustainable and tech-driven future of commercial real estate, enhancing property appeal, value, and environmental responsibility.

Commercial EV Charging Points

Why Utilise Commercial EV Charging

In the rapidly evolving adoption of electric vehicles businesses and organisations are being prompted to reassess their infrastructure to accommodate this transformative shift in transportation.

The decision to utilise commercial electric vehicle charging points is driven by a myriad of compelling reasons that extend beyond environmental consciousness.

Here are some key considerations that highlight the significance of integrating commercial EV charging solutions:

Enhanced Property Value and Appeal

Incorporating EV chargers adds tangible value to the property. With the increasing popularity of electric vehicles, developments with charging infrastructure are likely to command higher resale and rental values, appealing to a broader range of potential investors and tenants.

Future-Proofing Regulatory Changes

Anticipating future regulations is critical for sustainable development. By including EV chargers early on, developers demonstrate foresight and ensure compliance with evolving environmental standards, avoiding potential retrofitting costs down the line.

Environmental Stewardship And CSR

Including EV chargers aligns with corporate social responsibility, showcasing a commitment to sustainable practices. This environmental stewardship enhances the developer's image and appeals to tenants and investors who prioritise eco-friendly initiatives.

Tenant Retention and Satisfaction

For residential or commercial properties, offering EV charging options can contribute to tenant satisfaction and retention. As more individuals adopt electric vehicles, having convenient charging solutions on-site becomes a valuable amenity that tenants may prioritise when deciding to stay.

Dwell Time and Customer Engagement

For retail spaces, EV chargers can boost customer engagement by encouraging longer dwell times. Shoppers are more likely to spend time and money at establishments where they can conveniently charge their electric vehicles, benefiting both retailers and property developers.

Generate New Revenue And improve branding

For businesses, offering charging services can generate additional revenue streams. Charging fees collected from EV drivers can contribute to the bottom line, especially if the charging infrastructure is strategically located along popular travel routes. EV Charging is also a good USP.

Why Partner With Zolb EV For Commercial EV Charging Solutions

Businesses that offer on-route charging can use it as a unique selling point to differentiate themselves from competitors. This can lead to increased brand recognition, customer loyalty, and potentially higher pricing power.

Whether you opt for a fully funded model where we cover all costs, a self-funded arrangement empowering you to control profits after an initial customer payment, or a flexible partially funded option that strikes a balance between the two, we are committed to working collaboratively with you. Our goal is to tailor an affordable solution that aligns with your unique financial circumstances, ensuring that the benefits of commercial EV charging are accessible and advantageous for your business.

When you opt for our EV commercial charging for your car parks, you’re making a choice that extends beyond convenience—it’s a commitment to environmental stewardship.

Your decision contributes to a significant reduction in harmful emissions and lessens dependence on fossil fuels. By embracing sustainable transportation solutions by having EV chargers installed on your premises, you actively participate in creating a cleaner and greener future, aligning your actions with a broader movement towards environmental consciousness.

Our rapid chargers allow you to get up to an 80% charge in just 20-30 minutes! This will encourage users to venture into your business while they wait for the rapid charge points to do their job.

We also offer standard destination charging which is ideal for longer stops, these options will allow EV-driving customers to charge and be ready for an extended journey!

Our dedicated site survey team conducts thorough assessments across the UK to ensure the optimal placement and configuration of EV charging infrastructure at your location.

With a careful examination of electrical capacity, accessibility, and user convenience, we guarantee a seamless and efficient charging experience and EV charging network.

Cloud Management Software

Our Cloud management software empowers businesses to oversee, control, and enhance their EV charging operations from anywhere. With the capability to remotely monitor and manage charging stations, our software offers a streamlined approach to optimising your EV charging business.

Through cloud-based solutions, you gain real-time insights, efficiently troubleshoot issues, and ensure the seamless functionality of your charging infrastructure, contributing to a more responsive and effective business operation.

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