AC Charging Solutions

Optimised and Reliable AC Charging for Every Electric Vehicle

AC Charging

At ZOLB EV, we excel in providing top-tier AC Charging solutions, perfectly tailored to a variety of commercial needs. To understand the landscape of electric vehicle charging, it’s essential to recognise the differences and benefits of AC (alternating current) with an AC Charger and DC charging (direct current) with a DC Charger.

Our AC charging solutions, where AC power is pivotal for the fluctuation of power output over a charging session, emphasise efficiency and suitability for daily use.

Our AC Type 2 Standard chargers are crafted to meet the diverse requirements of modern electric vehicles and the standard EV battery and are available in both single and dual-socket configurations.


Our AC Charging Product Range

We offer AC chargers designed to provide efficient, reliable, and convenient charging solutions for electric vehicles. Explore our selection to find the perfect charger that meets your needs and keeps you on the move.

22kW EV Chargers

Our robust 22kW units are available in single or dual-socket variations, offering maximum flexibility in AC EV charging setups. Despite the slower charge rate compared to DC fast chargers, these AC chargers provide significant savings and are suitable for locations where vehicles can afford a longer dwell time.

ac charging on electric car


This high-performance AC 22kW Type 2 charger is designed to deliver up to 22kW of power for a single vehicle if supported or up to 11kW max per vehicle through its dual sockets if 2 cars are charging at once.

It’s the perfect solution for efficiently managing power distribution when charging two vehicles simultaneously.

DC Rapid Charge Station

Maximise Savings with Our Cost-Effective AC and DC Charging Solutions

AC chargers, compared to DC chargers and DC charging stations, are inherently more economical due to their cost advantages, simpler design, and lower power outputs.

This distinction is crucial as AC and DC chargers differ significantly in their charging speeds, with DC chargers offering faster charging at a higher cost.

charging electric car with an AC charger

DC power, when used in charging stations, can significantly impact car batteries, offering quicker charging times but potentially affecting battery performance and durability compared to AC power.

AC chargers, with their cost-effectiveness and easier installation and maintenance, make them an unbeatable option for many businesses, especially for those that experience longer customer dwell time.

The extended charging time of AC chargers, unlike the faster charging DC options, is ideal for destination venues such as hotels, conference centres, shopping centres, and transport link car parks, where an electric car will tend to stay parked for prolonged periods.

This makes AC chargers more suitable for scenarios like home charging, where the charging speed is less critical than the price and EV batteries’ health considerations.

Perfect Fit for Multiple Use Cases

AC Charging is ideally suited for locations where vehicles are parked for two hours or more. This makes them perfect for:

  • Hotels and resorts
  • Shopping and retail centres
  • Office buildings and corporate campuses
  • Public transport parking areas and hubs
  • Residential areas
man recharge ev electric vehicle battery from ev charging station exalt

Why Partner with ZOLB EV for Your AC Charging Needs?

ZOLB EV’s AC charging solutions are specifically designed to cater to the diverse charging needs of electric cars, ensuring accessibility and convenience for the growing market of electric vehicles.

Whether you need a single charger for a small hotel or multiple units for a large shopping centre, our AC chargers can be scaled to meet any demand.

Our AC charging stations offer a lower total cost of ownership and reduced operational costs compared to DC fast-charging stations.

Designed for simplicity, our chargers can be quickly installed at any commercial property.

AC charging helps reduce carbon footprints, making your business a part of the green revolution.

Elevate Your Venue with ZOLB EV’s AC EV Charging Solutions

Transform your site into a power hub for electric vehicles with ZOLB EV’s AC charging solutions.

Contact us today to enhance your customer experience and explore how our AC chargers can expand your service offerings.

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