Intelligent EV charging stations
to your car park. to your employees. to your customers. to the public. to the future.

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ZOLB EV Intelligent eMobility Solutions

ZOLB EV Charging-as-a-Service

With our intelligent eMobility solutions, you can effortlessly unlock the benefits of EV charging while we handle the technicalities.

Transform your car park into a new lucrative revenue stream.

Empower your employees, customers and the public with access to an intelligent and dependable EV charging network.

Embrace EV charging to increase general footfall to your business.

Installing EV chargers aligns with ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) standards, demonstrating your commitment to environmental sustainability.

By providing EV charging services, you drive customer loyalty, enabling personalised experiences and targeted marketing efforts.

How we do it

The ZOLB EV Approach

Provision of intelligent eMobility software, unlocking chargers, insights and data

Installation of fast AC and rapid DC chargers

Comprehensive initial consultation and site survey with expert recommendations

Full installation services, including groundwork, cabling, and system training

Engage customers with interactive media screens and promotional benefits

User-friendly app for network-wide charging access by customers, colleagues, and the public

24/7 end customer support for unrivalled assistance


Connecting your chargers to insights

Software is a key part of the overall solution that we supply; this is the clever part and ensures that the chargers are managed effectively and that your drivers are loyal and can easily access the charging event.

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Putting you in control

Cloud based business management software

Our cutting-edge cloud-based EV charging platform opens the doors to efficient operations, energy management, and revenue systems.  Our management software is at the heart of your charger management, monitoring, and operational needs. We provide all the crucial data essential for running and optimizing your chargers with efficiency. This includes insights into peak usage times, revenue generation, capacity utilization, and more.

We provide effortless reporting by generating detailed reports effortlessly, including breakdowns that comply with OZEV regulations. Say goodbye to administrative hassles.

Equally, our software simplifies the oversight of all your chargers within a single, comprehensive system; we streamline all charger management, reporting & analytics with an easy to use management interface and reporting tools.  

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Work with ZOLB EV

We’re passionate about expanding the reach of electric vehicle charging across the UK. That’s why we’ve created an exciting opportunity for you to earn by simply connecting us with potential clients or suitable locations for our charging stations.

Don’t miss out on this chance to make a positive impact on the future of mobility and earn along the way. 

Reach out to us today and let’s explore the possibilities together


Meet the team

Our management team boasts extensive experience in designing, implementing, and supporting technology solutions for customers of all sizes;  from startups to scale-ups and enterprises.  

Based in London, UK, we are truly passionate about electric vehicle (EV) charging as a means to not only boost your revenue but also drive us closer to a net-zero future. 

Our exceptional team encompasses dedicated support professionals, knowledgeable sales experts, and efficient operations personnel. With our collective expertise, we are primed to provide comprehensive solutions and top-notch service to meet your EV charging needs.

Together, we can build a brighter, cleaner future.

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